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It’s not as egocentric as it sounds…

Almighty Creative

ALMIGHTY CREATIVE –  is a Vancouver based design company founded by Paul Belen, a digital designer and a former Technics DMC Champion.  Almighty  houses two lifestyle brands. One, a clothing label, features clean, simple and timeless designs, “inspired by Vancouver”.  The second, a cross media design firm, specializes in cutting edge composition, and bold, decisive marketing.  From video to print, social media to multi media, “Only the Authentic Will Do”.  
“The brand name “Almighty” derives from Paul’s overcoming of cancer – strength and perseverance. The sparrow, that appears on most of his work, symbolizes the dreams that he would have during the first 4 years when diagnosed. Paul would dream about being a sparrow (represents the taker of life) taking flight.”
Influenced by the “beautiful landscape, the street urban culture, and the creative people that surrounds him” Paul’s work is designed to create impact, and involve the people who see, use, and wear it.

I met Paul while working on SuicideGirls Take VanCity (Again!) with Rob at Dead Reckoning Military Surplus.

Rydell & I did a photoshoot wearing the amazing Vancouver Destroyers tanks and tees, a collaborative effort between Rob & Paul.

Rob & Paul at the Dead Reckoning Military Surplus Shop
Now that #SGTAKESVANCITY is a wrap, I’m looking forward to working with DRMS & Almighty Creative on new, and exciting projects.  

But first… I’m gonna get me one of these rad Deth Dealers Crew necks and be lazy for a day or two.
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