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It isn’t as egocentric as it sounds…

Allan Amato

I first met Allan Amato last summer, when I had lunch in downtown LA with his lovely wife Ulorin Vex & Steve Prue.  

Then, last month, while in LA for a Rockstar Roadtrip to Ink N Iron, Allan sent me a message that made me literally jump up and down with excitement!

Allan explained that his 30NUD3s project was born of the wish to be inspired and challenged.  Mr. Amato’s portfolio is full of incredible portraits, major advertising campaigns, and gorgeous editorial spreads, but as with any of us, sometimes you need to do more than “make the doughnuts”.  He viewed this project as an opportunity to accomplish a very specific goal, in a set timeline, with a precise aesthetic.
The result is a collection of dynamic and eerie images, that features models of all types, shapes, sizes, skin tones, and sexes.  
Arrangements were made, and I showed up on June 11th, with Steve Prue in tow.  Steve and Ulorin hung out and took behind the scenes pics while Allan sorted me out on set.  
I am incredibly proud of the final edits, which were posted to Allan’s twitter the following day.     

June 11 on june 12 but well worth it for the diabolically hewn @Cupcakedujour for #30nud3s

And one more of yesterday’s @Cupcakedujour rippling
With subjects like, Skin Diamond, Asphyxia Noir, Billy Antiseptic, Mynxii White, Sash Suicide, and Vivid Vivka, I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such an incredibly stacked project.
June 24th Sash Suicide #30nud3s


June 22nd Mosh #30nud3s
As an athlete, I recognize that the ideas and viewpoints of a new coach often propel you forward at an accelerated pace.  Likewise, I feel that working with a new photographer teaches me new things about modelling, my body, and the craft of photography.  My time with Allan was no exception.  Seeing his set up, watching his movements, and seeing the finished results (in just one day!) were all very valuable pieces of a puzzle I feel I am always working on.  
Afterwards we all went to lunch at one of my all time favourite joints The Pantry <3
Next time I’m in LA, we’re gonna meet up for a round of CrossFit and a pot of Bulleproof Coffee.  Stay tuned…
You can see the rest of the images from Allan’s 30NUD3s project on his blog: Boudoir Steampunk
June 17th Vivid Vivka #30nud3s
Do you love it?!?
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