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198D Photography

Sometimes in life we are presented with happy little accidents that lead us to great fun, and adventure.  Such was the case with how I came to meet, and shoot with Christian a.k.a. 198D Photography.

When I booked my trip to Florida for EXXXOTICA I arranged to have a few extra days in town to catch up with friends.  Due to some issues beyond my control, I ended up with more free time than I had anticipated… Ok, ok.  I hear you. “Who wouldn’t want to spend a few extra days in the sunny south?!?”  Well, after 3.5 weeks away from home (and my dog!) I was more than ready to turn in, and take it easy.  

More than a simple social distraction, Instagram has oft proven to be a great networking tool, and in this case it really saved the day!  Within a few short hours I had set up a day of collaboration with 198D Photography, and arranged for this lil cute to join me. 

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I met Kid Cadet during my shoot with Steve Prue, and Serena 3000.  In the days that followed, this ball of energy took me under her wing, and made sure I felt at home in the Sunshine State.  

When it came time to shoot with 198D, we were so comfortable together that every photo came out better than the last.  In fact, we were having such fun, Christian thought we’d known each other for ages!

Christian is not only incredibly talented behind the lens, he also proved to be an excellent conversationalist, and thoughtful host.  Between shots we talked about everything from literature, to social media.  We also bonded over pasts constrained by strict rules, and high expectations (mine due to elite sport, his thanks to the military), and what it felt like to be different from your peers.  (I mean, being different looks fun on the Internet and all, but in real life it can be quite trying.)

After a few hours of conversation and creation, we headed to the Hollywood boardwalk in search of iced coffee (me), and ice cream (Kid).  We traveled as a trio, camera in tow, and continued the photo fun by the beach.

I can’t stress enough how enjoyable this afternoon was!  From start (Christian picked me up at my hotel!) to finish, the entire day had a natural rhythm, and light hearted vibe that made getting quality images easy, and fun.  If you’ve followed my adventures on this blog, you’ll know that I don’t often work with artists unknown to me.  Between traveling with the awesome Mr. Prue, and having a tight network of talented friends around me, I hate to say it, but I rarely need to branch out to work with unknown photographers.  

In this case, I not only came out of it with great memories, and fantastic images, I also made a new friend.  

You can follow his adventures here:


Stay tuned for more photos and behind the scenes from this shoot…  

 Do you love it?!?

“Mugshots should be cute”

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