Tita, eXposed

Tita, eXposed



past tense: exposed; past participle: exposed

– make (something) visible, typically by uncovering it.
– subject (photographic film) to light, esp. when operating a camera
– reveal the true nature of (someone or something)
– introduce someone to (a subject or area of knowledge)

Earlier this month I teamed up with Vancouver photographer Rick Legal for creative project, helmed by Porcelain District Productions.  Since our first collaboration in 2012, Rick and I have worked together several times, all with great results.  In the meantime, he has contributed his talents to bypoststreet, HUSH Magazine, and shot dozens of Vancouver’s loveliest models, and SuicideGirls.  

When Rick, and creative firecracker Teniel asked me to model for their new video venture, I said yes without even pausing to hear the details.  Mr. Legal has created some of the best work I’ve shot in Vancouver, and Teniel is always up on the latest, greatest, and hottest events in the city.  With the addition of hair and make up artist Rachel Bell, the project was basically guaranteed to be sexy, prolific, and fun.  

Directed by local Vancouver artists, Psypher and Rick Legal, “eXposed” is a documentary film series focused on highlighting chosen subjects and revealing their thoughts on nudity in art and the public sphere.

Episode one features local model, social media expert, Ice skater, and pantless wonder, Tita “CupcakeDuJour” Suicide.

WARNING: Due to the nature of this series, the content of this film is for mature audiences only and is NSFW

Music: Closer – Kings of Leon (instrumental) (we do not own any of the rights to the composition, nor do we claim to)
Hair and Makeup by Rachel Bell
Find Tita online:
– cupcakedujour.ca
– cupcakedujour.tumblr.com
– suicidegirls.com/girls/tita
– facebook.com/TitaSuicide
– twitter: @cupcakedujour
– instagram: @cupcakedujour
Find Rick Legal online:
– ricklegal.com
– ricklegal.tumblr.com
– facebook.com/ricklegalphotography
– twitter: @thericklegal
– instagram: @thericklegal
Find Psypher online:
– suicidegirls.com/members/psypher
– psyperrabbit.tumblr.com
– facebook.com/psypherrabbit
– twitter: @PsypherRabbit
– instagram: @psypherrabbit

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