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Tita X Alexander Von McQueen I don’t understand aboutThe weather outsideOr the harmony in a tuneOr why somebody…

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Tita X Alexander Von Mcqueen For this set, I stood, carefully, quietly posed…  On top of a rock. High…


My 19th set for Zivity "Spotlight" by Steve Prue, is now live!

Motivation MondayMotivation Monday

People sometimes ask me how I stay focused, or what it is I do to succeed. These are funny questions to me, because I'm usually so focused on where I'm going, I don't realize where I am.

Motivation MondayMotivation Monday

"Finding your tribe, like following your dreams, isn't always about what makes sense; it's about what your soul needs." - Kelly Cutrone


Well look who snuck into SuicideGirls MR when nobody was looking… Super excited to announce my set “Raw”…

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“I like underwater life” – Hayao Miyazaki    It’s been a while since I submitted a set to Zivity,…