From the Urban Dictionary: poised, sassiness that can’t be touched.  It may be in the walk or it may be in the talk, but there is no doubt it means you own the room and you have that natural charisma.  Bascially, one with swagger dominates at life.  

“Why did you envy?  Why you go against me when I got trendy?  Why you ain’t commend me?”  – Nicki Minaj
Shot in a seedy hotel room in Hollywood, with Vivka cheering me on, “Swagger” is my cheeky ode to the queen of swag, Nicki Minaj.  

Nicki’s proclivity for the ridiculous, her brazen sexuality, and boundless self assurance have made her a paragon of fearless femininity.  Meanwhile her many endorsements, albums, and branded ‘swag” have made Ms. Minaj a powerhouse in the shopping mall.  

Wearing my Nicki M.A.C. Viva Glam lipstick, and a tee emblazoned with her image, tmronin and I channelled overstated, oversexed, over the top, cheekiness, in the very town it was invented.  

Do you love it?!? 
I think “Her Minajesty” would be proud.

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