SERAPH. by Allan Amato

Strength Laid Bare





Some of my favourite models, muses, and people are featured in Allan Amato‘s newest book SERAPH.

This weekend marks my first appearance since it’s publication. I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be featured in such a beautiful project. SERAPH is the second in Allan’s Slip Series, and my second appearance in print.

Slip 2016

Seraph. 2017


Taking this opportunity to display my body, my strength, as it were, has been fulfilling on many levels. First, there is the acceptance of self. Looking at and feeling happy with all of the bumps, bruises, muscle, and bone that makes me unique, and strong and capable. Next there is the growth of the person in the images.  From Slip to Seraph, I see a smarter, more confident model. Someone who is excited to be here, but who has also earned the privilege.


I can’t wait to take my place in front of Allan’s camera again in 2018 for the final book in the Slip Series.

Do you love it?!?

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  1. The photos with the angel accents are crazy gorgeous! Amazing work to photographer and the art work that was captured.

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