“I never take my skates off”

Today dawned sunny and warm.  I wanted to go skate, but had loads to do around the house.  What to do?  Do it all… And skate 😉

Welcome to the #rollergirlchallenge

I put my skates on at 11:30, and proceeded to clean, cook, vacuum, work, and take the dogs out… in my skates.

Afterall – Being bored is not allowed 😉

Cleaned the car

Rolled for coffee

Cooked bacon
Walked the dogs

To celebrate my day in skates, and in honour of RollerGirl herself, here’s a NSFW roller skate set, courtesy of Steve Prue.

RollerGirl 2.0.

Check out my set RollerGirl live at Zivity.com, and vote to receive 3 additional Instax photos from the RollerGirl 2.0. shoot 😉

Do yo love it?!?

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