“Protecting and Projecting Brand Values in the Age of Social Media”

I am the quintessential example of someone who wears two hats.

I am:

Tita – Former Canadian Champion and Professional Ice Skater, mentor to young athletes, and teacher


Tita – Alternative model, media personality, “Pin up Cutie”, promotional representative, performer, and MC.

As you can see, living a “double life”, and operating in varied environments (sometimes quite at odds with each other), is something I know very well.

When I moved into the marketing realm, it was important to acknowledge the risks involved with operating in two worlds, or in the case of my clients, to reassure them that handing their business or students over to me did not put them at risk of brand contamination.

I have spent many years practicing with various social media forums, using myself as the guinea pig, and during that time, I have learned firsthand the shortcomings of anonymity and privacy on the internet, and the dangers of advancing a brand contrary to your environment.

Ultimately, as individuals we have to understand that everything we upload onto the web, any content we create, all communication via text messaging, and each and every comment we post using online forums, has a life span that can far exceed our expectations, intent, and even our own life expectancy. Furthermore, the context of these items can morph and change, as they are propelled in directions alternate to their place of origin.

The reach of something as simple and seemingly harmless as a status update, is quite literally millions of people around the globe. Now imagine the scope of something like a nude photo, broadcast via an internationally acclaimed website (SuicideGirls), and you can imagine my interest in “what links lead to which content”.

Sure, thoughts and opinions can be conveyed and spread using a pseudonym, but the accounts are ultimately traceable. (There are people out there who are far more computer savvy than me, to properly explain the technicalities.) Besides, at the end of the day, I look like me. So a simple name change isn’t gonna fool anyone…

In this technological age, we must remember that no sooner does someone invent a new online platform, or create a means to connect with people around the world, then somebody else imagines a way to hack it, steal it, reproduce it, or forensically tear it apart.

Nothing is a secret so long as it is on the internet. You just have to know where to look

In order to be successful in my chosen fields, it has been necessary to respect my client’s core values, and operate within in varied environments, all the while remaining detached from my own agendas AND portraying myself as one of them (which clearly I am not)

Thus far, I’ve worked with several brands outside of my own alt-community, and successfully kept the distinction between my personal views and interests, and those of my clients, or students.
However, as I begin to work on new projects, I am once again reminded of how precarious my standing is. With each post I make (including this one) I risk detection.

What will happen if I’m found out is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, I’ll utilize the knowledge I have gained practicing on my own “brand”, to elevate those of my clients, and should it come to a showdown, I hope my good work speaks for itself.

And in case it doesn’t, I’ve got a few incentive shots I’m not afraid to use 😉

Do you love it?!?

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