New England Comic Con

On the road again…

I was in Boston last week for the New England Comic Con! As usual, I got to spend the weekend with the lovely & charming, quirky & cute Radeo. I love our adventures!!

This pic is one of my favourites 🙂

Our hotel fire alarm went off at 1:30 am. Here’s Radeo’s account:
“I love that the fire alarm went off smoke filled our hotel hallway and when we go outside to evacuate, me and Tita are the only people with stuff in our hands. My panicked items to save …laptop under one arm, tin space ship under the other and my toothbrush, Tita’s items .. Chocolate. Smart girls I tell ya.”

President Obama was speaking in the same building, which seemed odd, considering people were walking around dressed up in cosplay…

It’s always such fun meeting up with friends & fans.

Perdita is an absolute gem!

Next stop: Atlanta!!

Do you love it?!?


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