My name is Tita

My name is Tita

I hate pants:

About me:

Athletics- Skating, rollerblading, plyometrics, bowling, hiking,
Movies – B grade exploitation films, preferably with explosions, boobs, blood and/or zombies & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Music – Right now it’s: Metric, QOTSA, Apocolyptica, No Doubt, Beastie Boys, Lil Wayne, Steve Aoki, Madonna & Movie Soundtracks like Whoa!! But feel free to check back tomorrow…
TV – Arrested Development, Scrubs, Reality TV Weeeeeeeeee! (admittedly this is my greatest flaw)
Travel – Name a country I haven’t been to… And let’s go!
Cupcakes – Chocolate with white icing
Coffee – with Almond Milk
Dinner- Sushi, Vietnamese, No wheat/All meat
Suntanning – with sunscreen

I live in a Cupcake Compound with my Best Friends:

We like to host parties:

Sometimes I go on trips:

I like to share adventures:

I have amazing friends:

I want you to be one of them!!


Do you love it?!?

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