Motivation Monday

After a 4 week break from the gym, and almost all forms of activity – rigorous, or otherwise I’m back in action!
I’m baaaack! 
After a 4 week break from the gym, and almost all forms of activity – rigorous, or otherwise, I headed to Spartacus Gym for my first work out, since spraining my back.
Having noticed an unmistakable improvement in my range of motion, and ability to do everything from carry household items, to just plain old stand for extended periods of time (yup, those were a no go for the past few weeks) I literally woke up determined to make my return to the gym today.
As if on cue, a brand new pair of Asics running shoes arrived in the mail from pro runner Lanni Marchant.  Not only was I super excited to have a new pair of trainers, but they feature incredible support, and cushioning – which let’s face it, is ideal for my current state. 
And best of all… They match my hair!!! 
To be honest, in light of some additional stresses this month, I am super proud of myself for being patient, and taking the full month to heal properly.  These shoes, though not necessary for my basic work out this evening, felt like “a perfect gift at the right time”, and really made me remember how lucky I am to have incredible people in my life, and the opportunity to return to the activities I love.  
Life is funny.  
Small things can be a big deal. 
Sometimes this means the little things get you down, but in my case, the little things always lift me up.





Catch my full routine on my Facebook page:
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