Motivation Monday

“Being happy doesn’t mean you are perfect, it means looking beyond the imperfections”
 Taking a page out of Randifitmom‘s book today to remind everyone that we can choose to be our own best cheerleader, or our own worst enemy. Randi has shared her story of personal growth, development, AND body overhaul with her followers here on IG & Facebook for two years now, but she has been a constant source of inspiration, and motivation for me for many more than that. Having the courage to celebrate your success’ publicly can be just as difficult as sharing your misses.  This little mama has done both with grace, and flare, and I am beyond proud of her for it. Randi & I trained in some of the harshest, most abusive conditions imagineable, and it left us both with visible, and invisible scars. Choosing to share our fitness journeys via social media is a major accomplishment. And while people may feel turned on, turned off, or indifferent, each post & share is a record of how far we’ve come, both inside, and out.  
Do you love it?!?
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Motivation Monday

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