Motivation Monday

Feeling super inspired by the community around me, and their incredible ability to create, support, and assist one other.
“Finding your tribe, like following your dreams, isn’t always about what makes sense; it’s about what your soul needs.  As much as we’re looking for experiences that turn us on, we’re looking for people who do the same, whether creatively, emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually.” – Kelly Cutrone
Spent a day with some truly talented people, shooting for Dimes Brand.  Through my business Du Jour Marketing, I have had the opportunity to help people, and business’ build up their online presence, via social media, and digital marketing.  I’ve also had the incredible fortune to work with, and mentor StormyItuit, and Avery to expand their horizons, and work options, and they in turn, have helped, and assisted me too!
When I retired from skating, I wasn’t sure where I would end up…
but I knew that when I got there, I would be surrounded by people just like me.  
“This was when I learned that you have to give up your life as you know it to get a new one: that sometimes you need to let go of everything you’re clinging to and start over, whether because you’ve outgrown it or because it’s not working anymore, or because it was wrong for you in the first place.”  – Kelly Cutrone
Do you love it?!?

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