Motivation Monday

Change is a frightening thing.

As some of you may know, I am a former Canadian team member, international competitor, and title holder.
When I moved to Vancouver, I not only left behind my friends, and family, but also my skating career.  After 10 years in the industry I was fried, and fed up.  Never one to play the sycophant, I had experienced the indignation of having my hard work, and talent passed over in favour of personal, and professional favours, more times than I cared to count.  The time had come to make a stand for myself, and an example of myself, by making a change.

I retired from full time performing, broke up with my partner, and turned my back on the only lifestyle I ever knew.
Costumes, make up, travel, and spotlights in the past, I had to start from scratch… (pun intended)
Change is a frightening thing.  It’s scary to say, and it’s scary to do.  Most of our culture is held in place by a plethora of “reasons why” – from work, to family, to culture, but more than anything else, people stay where they are, and put up with things that do not make them happy because they feel fear.  
I am not saying you should shrug off your responsibilities and “run away to join the circus”.  I am merely showing my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve taken, many of which included making changes, strategizing, and building from the ground up.  

Funny then, that beginning anew should lead to an amazing connection with a visionary from my past….

This week I had a fun, and inspiring meet up with skater extraordinaire Gary Beacom.
Gary is a true innovator, and has pushed the boundaries of the world around him, throughout his career.  I feel incredibly fortunate, and proud to have created circles that include people like him.  

From skating, to work, to life, we can choose to be creative each, and every day. Rethink the ordinary. Make things the way you want them to be. Skate past roadblocks. 

Change is good.

We each took a selfie as the coffee shop closed. Bet you can’t guess which one is mine



Do you love it?!?
  1. You have had a wonderful career, past , and present .I am so incredibly proud of you, honey, and everything that you have accomplished and will so in the future ! Never stop being who you are ! Mommy loves you !

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