Motivation Monday

#motivationmonday edited on Wednesday because…
“My back hurts!!!”
When you work hard to make everything perfect, the one piece that gets out of line can leave you feeling like everything else will follow…  
Fortunately my athletic background has helped prepare me for times like these, and so with a healthy dose of discipline, and a fresh round of red lips, I am taking it all in stride. 
I recently experienced some back pain that left me basically immobile for a couple of days.  After surveying the discomfort, I realized a rest was warranted, and said goodbye to the gym for a week…
Since then my back has been diagnosed as a sprain in the SI L5 region.
For those of you who were following along last year, you will recall I had a neck sprain at roughly the same time in 2013.  (See “Focus”)
This time around the pain is much lower down, located where my sacrum meets my L5. 
Lucky for me, I had some amazing encounters along the way to make sure I didn’t get too bogged down.
Marlo Lavonne & James Wyper brought their lovely dog Ana round for a sleepover, while en route to Calgary. 
We enjoyed my fave neighbourhood waffle joint Scandilicious, talked about upcoming projects (including Marlo’s book!), and discussed our tricks, and tips for breaking out of creative slumps, personal let downs, and in my case, physical setbacks.  
Afterwards, we stopped by to see Jules at Love Jules Leather, the incredible brand of hand made artisan boat shoes, that operates across the street from me.  Jules, and Josh are new friends, who inspire me each, and every day with their incredible work ethic, and strong sense of self. 
Photo by Marlo Lavonne
Finally, after a hearty lunch laugh sesh with my best friend Rydell, and a fresh iced brew from my friends at JJ Bean, I realized (as I always do) that things may not always be perfect.  But they are always worth it.  
Our culture of celebratory selfies, and highly edited highlights makes it easy to forget that we’re all imperfect.  And that those flaws whether personal or professional are what make life interesting, and varied, and well… real.  
So here I am being real with you now, in the hopes that my little hiccup in the confidence department helps you through your next one.  I may be down, but I’m not out.  I’m too busy laughing at my smushed post sports therapy face.
It’s just a sprain.  It’s just time.  It’s just movement. 
Do you love it?!?

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