Motivation Monday

Lately I’ve been wondering how best to get back into the habit of sharing my work outs, and posting my tips…
It finally occurred to me that what I needed was motivation! (Not to do the work, but to share it.)
As some of you know this is a concern I’ve had since I became injured last season.  How, where, and when to begin the task of itemizing, and compiling information, that may not be as challenging, or complete as the previous years.  
And so here is the first of what I hope will become a regular contribution to this site:

Treat your body right, and it’ll return the favour. 

This shoot with Smashbase came after 3 days of sitting in front of a computer at #EXXXOTICACHI. 

Sure I had a couple of morning work outs in there, but my diet & activity levels were far different than usual. Luckily, my body is trained to absorb changes in the short term, and stay looking, and feeling the way I like it until I can return to my normal program. Today I am literally craving exercise, and unprocessed foods, and I can’t wait to get back into the routine that built this body in the first place. 


Do you love it?!?

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