Motivation Monday


Photo by Gracie Hagen

“Life doesn’t have a remote control.  Get up and change it yourself.”

I firmly believe that change is good.  That’s not the same as saying that comfort is bad.  What I mean by my statement is that change precipitates growth, and growth inevitably presents opportunity.  Whether we see it coming or not, life often leads us to a crossroads.  Those who have the strength, support, and intestinal fortitude to absorb the changes are the ones who stand the greatest chance of enjoying long term success.  
I’m a creature of habit, and I crave routine, but within that lifestyle I do my best to take every opportunity that comes my way, especially when it’s something new (read scary).
If not for shaking it up every now and then, I literally wouldn’t be where I am, or who I am today!  From “conservative lil ice skater”, to “pink haired, world traveling cupcake”, all of the changes I’ve survived have brought me to where I am right now.  
My new avatar is an example of my willingness to embrace change, take on challenges, and do as I please.  


Do you love it?!?

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