Live in the Meow by Psypherrabbit

This set is a celebration of doing as you please, and living in the now (Get it!?!)  Adventure, travel, my first trip to Japan, and all the adorable things I play with everyday (including my Hello Kitty Instax Camera!) are a constant reminder that we live in a time where we can shape our lives, bodies and minds almost any way we wish.

With my Birthday just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to write a love letter to everyone who has ever messaged, liked, DM’s snapped, or shared items from my wishlist with me.  Not only do you help me train, and reach my fitness goals, you also support and encourage rad new content like this!

In short, this blog is a love letter to my friends and fans, to thank you for all you do for me.

Do you love it?!?

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