Let’s Talk

Just me.

Remote shoots quickly became the best option during isolation. But I didn’t see myself doing any. I had shelter, and books, and things to do, and courses to study. “What do I need more photos of myself for?”

And then Lou Noble texted me…

Suddenly saying “yes” to shooting meant saying yes to an in depth, thoughtful, and fun exchange, and that was something I did need.

Life (in or out of isolation) is more rewarding with conversation. After living through a relationship that did not include dialogue or discourse, I have learned that “yes, “no”, and general niceties are simply not enough. Community and relationships built on a foundation of language, and learning from one another are strongest. Questions, answers, confusion, complex topics – all of it!

Thank you Lou for reminding me that discussion is an intrinsic piece of this puzzle I’m working on.


Do you love it?!?

Find more of Lou’s work here:


The Photographic Journal




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