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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Killer Youth for their awesome, and unique blog. Their founder Tony, a graphic designer, started his site to highlight creative people in our community. These posts serve as a source of personal inspiration, as well as hub of interest, and content for like-minded people.
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Killer Youth for their awesome, and unique blog.  Their founder Tony, a graphic designer, started his site to highlight creative people in our community. These posts serve as a source of personal inspiration, as well as hub of interest, and content for like-minded people
Tita Suicide is an inspiring model and artist who is doing many interesting things in the creative world. 
Tita’s career got started when she joined Suicide Girls as a model. Suicide Girls are alternative pin up girls who do sets that are usually more artistic than sexual but it depends on the model. The concept behind Suicide Girls is “beauty redefined” which means they strive to be unconventional but still beautiful. Here at Killer Youth we believe that everybody should live life “their” way and be unique, so when we saw Suicide Girls we fell in love and were fortunate enough to feature and interview Tita. 
When we asked her what her favorite thing about modeling is she said, “I see modeling as a really interesting, varied, and creative challenge. From digital shoots where you can literally be anything you want to be, to analog content that requires perfection from top to toe, right on to video where voice, movement, and personality are showcased, I love creating art that can be enjoyed again, and again. As a professional performer I of course aim for perfection, and beauty, but all of the training, and preparation comes down to one show, one performance, one moment. Tangible art, like photos, and paintings live forever.” While speaking with Tita we could hear the passion and emotion in her voice when she talks about the work she does. She loves the work she produces and truly cares about what she is doing. She shows us that we can all be living our dreams if we work hard to get there. 
When we asked her when she knew she wanted to be a model she said, “I don’t know that I ever decided to be a “model”. I was attracted to the idea of “celebrating alternative beauty” presented by the SuicideGirls Brand, and became a member of that community as a fan first. In late 2005 I submitted a photo set to them, partly to push myself in a new direction (I love challenges). I saw this application as a task, rather than a career move. This program has produced some incredibly beautiful models, who have gone on to make an impact on the industry.” 
Celebrating alternative beauty truly is a beautiful thing! There are so many different definitions to the word beautiful, so seeing them take one definition of it and celebrating it is amazing, it reminds you that everyone has beauty in them. Tita took this and used her creativity as a model to produce great things and inspire many through her art as a model. She didn’t get into Suicide Girls for a modeling career, she joined because she liked the idea of celebrating alternative beauty. It is inspiring to see someone not worried about the career moves in life and just doing the things they are passionate about. The fact that she is always looking for a way to challenge herself shows how she is constantly becoming more and more talented at what she does. 
When she told us that she is always looking for challenges, it prompted us to ask her if there are any other career paths she is pursuing in which she said, “Yes! I currently work as a coach, and mentor to young athletes. I focus on specific technical aspects, and share the aesthetic I developed during my 13 years as a principal skater, in professional ice shows. When not on the ice, or in the gym, I run a social media marketing company called in “Du Jour Marketing” that allows me to flex my scholarly side. We offer social media training, management, event production, PR, and strategic campaign initiatives. Our sister brand, Darwin Collective, created by Sash Suicide, and I, holds down the development side of things, by offering clean web design, development, and e commerce solutions. My next big project is the official launch of my fitness brand – “Du Jour Fitness”, which will offer fitness training, and lifestyle coaching, anchored by my certification as a professional coach, and personal trainer.” 
Tita truly is a jack of all trades! She doesn’t just stop at one thing, she pursues all that she wants to do in life. Having more than one dream or passion does not stop her from going out there and making them all a reality, which is so amazing to see. If you want to connect with Tita or see some of the awesome things she is doing, you can find her at any of the following social links below. 
Instagram: @cupcakedujour
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