In Her Room I Tita “Cupcake” DuJour

In Her Room | Tita ‘Cupcake’ DuJour


Tita ‘Cupcake’ Dujour is the total package. Her resume includes a career as a professional figure skater, huge success as a Suicide Girl and the creation and management of her own company. How does she keep it together? Tita’s self-proclaimed superpower is her ability to get a solid amount of sleep anytime, anywhere. But we think the real key to her success lies in her intoxicating charisma, extreme work ethic and brilliant balance of organization and artistic creativity.
Originally from London, ON, Tita grew up travelling the world as a professional figure skater. Her life took an interesting turn when, on a stop in Paris, she picked up a copy of Q Magazine and read an article by Dave Grohl about the Suicide Girls. The article inspired and intrigued Tita, speaking to her artistic side and providing a glimpse of the less-regimented world outside professional sport. She applied for a position with SuicideGirls in 2005. Shortly after, Tita Suicide was born.
After a few years of juggling figure skating and a SuicideGirls modeling career, Tita decided to focus her attention on furthering her personal brand. She retired from professional sport in 2009, and though she has also stepped back from her position at SG, the SuicideGirls family continues to play a crucial role in Tita’s success. The SG community is a constant support base for Tita here in Vancouver. It has also given her some invaluable friendships and connections all over the world. Her nickname ‘Cupcake’ comes from a tattoo of the Original Cupcakes brand (based in Vancouver) on her left foot. The tattoo was done by Suicide Girl Frankie and represents the transition between Tita’s career as a Suicide Girl and her new life as a marketing guru here in Van City. Balance, like sleep, is a very important part of Tita’s life.
Success as a professional athlete and a widely-renowned model gave Tita a unique understanding of the power of social interaction. She branded her online identity in 2010 under the ‘CupcakeDuJour’ moniker and was rewarded with a huge local and international following. This success, coupled with her ever-vigilant work ethic, drove Tita to an interest in marketing and promotions. After working for brands like Jagermeister and Camobear Records she started DuJour Marketing, a local firm that has some big things in its future.
DuJour Marketing recently launched XOXO: an Erotic Art Exhibition that has already partnered with the EXXXOTICA Expo 2013 – touring all over the U.S. The XOXO show was created to support a conversation about people’s perceptions of nudity, which, according to Tita, are coloured by their own experience. Staying true to her generous spirit, Tita consistently donates XOXO proceeds to local charities wherever the show is featured.
When we asked Tita what inspired the XOXO show and the charitable nature of DuJour Marketing, she said ‘there has to be a reciprocity in everything I do, otherwise I’m not satisfied.’ Her life has been guided by a few inspirational people, and Tita wants to make sure she is always giving something back to her community.
So what does this brilliant vixen have planned for the future? Tita says that her goal is to continue to expand DuJour Marketing and build a network of local, like-minded people. Using the Field of Dreams philosophy – if you build it, they will come – she wants to foster a collaboration of creative and artistic rock stars that can help each other and guide the next generation of self-starters.

Words | Lucas Tait
Photography | Rick Legal
Hair and Makeup | Kaitlyn Koop
“In Her Room” gives you a glimpse into the lives of the sexy and sophisticated women of Vancouver- in the comfort of their home. Contact [email protected] for more info.

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