Heretical Fates

Heretical Fates Art Book and Tarot Deck by Allan Amato and Danika XIX


I couldn’t be more excited to share the final stages of the Heretical Fates NSFW Tarot deck and art book with 78 photographs by Allan Amato, descriptions by Danika XIX and art by JAW Cooper + Lauren Panepinto.


From start to finish this has been a collaborative project between makers, models and the very magic of the Tarot itself. The HD digital edition of the book is now live, and I wasted no time pouring over each and every intoxicating and ethereal page.

“In addition to the ethereal Danika, we have JAW Cooper creating the suites, backs and frontispiece of the deck, and Lauren Panepinto designing the complete series, soup to nuts. A true creative dream team that came together to make this the best possible project it could be. To say nothing of all the staggering subjects who allowed themselves to be transformed into angels, monsters and misfits! Ye Gods; Danika XIX, Amanda Palmer, Stoya, Joanna Angel, Vivid Vivka, Sash Suicide, Candy Ken, Ana Fox, Buck Angel, Jiz Lee, Anikka Albrite, Dani Daniels, Dominique, Nina Kate, Mick Blue, Mousa Kraish, Jeana Turner, Eugene Simon, Valis Volkova, Anactingangel, Bree Daniels, Jenna Fox, Pulpfictionally, Misti Dawn, Alexis Fawx, Fawn Grey, Taylor Wilkey, Eirenne SG, Thomas Gunter, Susanna Eggli, Mark Snyder, Megan Ayn, Ace Tilton Ratcliff, Roarie Yum, Ali Rose, Brandon Scott, TJ, Idiivil, Tee Beez, Andi Rye, Ryan Mclane, Autumn Fryer, Ms Briq House, Jettila Lewis, Small Hands, Vanessa Alexandra, Stephanie Inagaki, Tita Cupcake, Biqtchpuddin, Misfit Marceline and Astraia Esprit!”

I was incredibly proud to be a part of Allan’s earlier books Slip and Seraph. Watching this project take form, and even working alongside the models and creators at different stages of development has made me feel even more invested in this campaign. In the earlier works, the completed work was the reward. My image was as much of a surprise (and delight!) to me, as to any other patron. With Heretical Fates, I have had the incredible opportunity to watch as my and my friend’s images were published to social media. The greatest gift however, will come when I can use and learn from the deck in my personal practice. Those same images, flat on the page, will spring to life, and spread their magic to all who hold them.

Do you love it?!?

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