“I’ve been on the move for so long,living a life less ordinaryNow among these mountains and trees,
in the sun and the shade,
I’ve found where I belong.

“One of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, Hastings-Sunrise is primarily residential, with a dense strip of shops and services.
Historically, the area has been primarily working class, with a large immigrant population. More recently, the area has become an attractive location for young professionals and artists.””

Thank you so much for all the love and support on my set Hastings-Sunrise, shot by Lavonne!

As a reward for your kindness, I offer the following, behind the scenes exclusives and facts…

Lavonne did my make up for our shoot! It was one of the first times anyone has done it. Aside from TV, I’ve done my own for every show and photo shoot, I’ve been in.

Fact: Lavonne is way taller than me (most ppl are)

Fact: My puppy Zapato kept a close eye on things, and was just out of frame, for the entire shoot

You can find out more about him in the latest installment of And Now For Something Really Cute
Lavonne took the photos for it, while we were shooting my set!

Fact: Meshell was our look out

Fact: This set is my favourite to date!

Do you love it?!?


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