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Back in March I was lucky enough to shoot in Bogota, Columbia with //SLANG Magazine, for my very first fitness feature…

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Photos by Andres Zuluaga


Dancer, entertainer, cupcake lover, work-out and traveling addict.

Oh, and did we mention suicide girl?

It doesn’t matter if you call her CupcakeDuJour or Tita Suicide, they’re pretty much the same person.

On her recent vacation/photoshoot in Colombia, she told us a little bit about being a fitness hottie. It’s all about what’s under your skin.

This is not only Tita’s statement.

This is how we love our //SLANG girls.

“I love adventure and travel, so if there’s an opportunity of a new experience I will always take it.”

Shooting with Slang:

we don’t like it normal, we like it beautiful.

As soon as I got to Bogotá there were beautiful opportunities and beautiful people, so as soon as I got there I tried to do everything I could think of and find there. I did some tourist things, and ate wonderful food, and also shot this awesome editorial with Andrés, who was such an amazing personality to have there with me, and I felt incredibly lucky to have that opportunity.

The shoot is all about fitness, about showing a different kind of sexy. It was just perfect.

So, how does fitness, suicide girls and cupcakes come together?

I think fitness shows a perspective I have on life, which is always trying new things. I don’t like to have limits with what my body can do, just as I don’t like to have limits with what I can do with my life.

My entire life was about figure skating and it made me strong, maybe in a way people aren’t strong, but it also means that it takes more than just going to the gym to change my body.

I approach fitness always with an open mind, always trying new things.

These work outs are available to everybody, but you can do them in an intensity of an athlete as well, it becomes a part of your life. It’s about reshaping your muscles, so for me, when I see people in programs like Body Rock it’s appealing and makes me want to do the same.

Some people like to have a long body so they do pilates for example. It’s focused on what they think is appealing to them.

Fitness is a natural fit for me.

When I opened up a dialogue with other people, that included my body, that’s when I realized so much about it, and that’s how I started with Suicide Girls, because it was the first place where people started to see my body in a sexual way.

At the same time I looked very different from the other girls, but I liked that.

Work it from another angle, girl!

It took me a long time to realize my body is beautiful because I had always seen it as my tool.

Now, as an adult, I see other women who have amazing bodies, and if it’s not close to you, then it’s hopeless. But, I mean you’re looking at other people, like a model let’s say: six feet tall, long and beautiful, and I love all different sizes but I’ll never look like that, right? So, all of the sudden as an adult I started to look at my body like more than something that looks this way because of what I do.

Seeing it like it has something beautiful about it and can be sexy, changed everything. And I just wasn’t seeing it, it was there the whole time, you know? So I kept doing it because there’s something people respond to and also find very beautiful.



Text + Interview by Caro D

More photos and the rest of Issue #7 is available at:


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