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One of the best things about my life is that I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent, creative, talented, and interesting people.  I’m even lucky enough to call most of them my friends!  With that in mind, I’ve decided to begin sharing some of their work, blogs, and view points in “Guest Blog” posts.  If you like what I have to say, and enjoy checking in on what I get up to, chances are, you’ll like what they have to say too 😉

This blog was written by Bob Suicide as a wrap report for SDCC 2012.  When it comes to geek culture, comic cons, and random hilarity, no one says it better than Bob 😉

The ComicCon Recap Blog: Volume 1… The Tired and Delirious Edition

Oh man, ComicCon…ComicCON…COMICCON! I really wish I had one more day. And, I don’t think that’s too much to ask. We can just add an extra one to all the calendars and call it Bobsday. There’s just too much awesomeness to fit into five days. 

It was all so amazing I can’t even fit it all into one blog. So, this is part one of an epic trilogy the likes of which have not been seen since Lord of the Rings and probably will not be seen again until the new Batman comes out

I rode in the fancy-dancy section so I could order copious amounts of free food. It went a little something like this:

Me: I ordered some stuff. Four drinks and a couple of bags of chips. 

Stewardess: You know you have to eat all of that on the plane. 

Me: Yes. 

Stewardess: Are you sure you want all of that now?

Me: Yes. But, I can still order more right?

Stewardess: I guess…but, we only have so much on the plane.

When I landed in San Diego, I was reunited with my friends TitaSash,Radeo, and Milloux. AND my old friend the SG suit:

If you don’t remember this suit, you’re missing out. We wore these awesome suits last year in celebration of our new comic. You can see the suit in issue 2. (And, on the next page you can see me.) So, if you don’t already have it, you should get it before it’s out of print.

I really do love that suit…I’d live in it if I could. It’d make fighting crime much easier. 

Unfortunately, the suit didn’t help me in the Hasbro line on preview night. But, that’s a whole other blog that I’m working on for the SG blog, so stay tuned for that! 

But, we had a ton of fun at the SG booth. Tita took some awesome Instax:
Which turned into a daily tradition bob-boob shot…

We got our geek on:

And, I signed some prints from the SG iPad app that CameronStewart made:

They’re really awesome. If you don’t have one already, you should get one! smile

We also had some SDCC exclusive prints that Cameron Stewart made of the girls at the booth…they were AMAZING!

And, I signed some prints at the X-Sanguin booth that ArtBoyJeff made for the 2010 party:

I think that’s all I can write about for now…I’m totally exhausted. I’m gonna go find an Inn to restore some HP. But, stay tuned for more updates. I think the next one’ll be about all of the costume changes and cosplay-related shenanigans. YAY!

As always, here’s some random hilarity:

Do you love it?!?

Nerd Alert!!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special “Tita Tuesday” featuring my favourite nerdy girl Bob <3
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