Gracie Hagen – The Things We Do

The Things We Do
a series by Gracie Hagen

Gracie Hagen is an incredibly dynamic, and natural talent.  

Her aesthetic is at once captivating and challenging, like the layers of a rich Hollywood screenplay.  As with all screenplays, it is the writer who pens the twists and turns, leaving the viewer wanting more.  In the case of Gracie’s photos, the depth and emotion of each scene is created by her unique storytelling ability, and her competence behind the lens.

Who is this person?  Where did they come from?  Where are they going?  Gracie draws the viewer deep into the image, searching for answers in the faces of her creatively captured subjects.

Her latest series, “The Things We Do” finds her models in front of a mirror, where they quietly show the viewer much more than their reflections.  

Minor Differences
I feel so very lucky to be a part of this series.  It was an amazing challenge to emote, knowing that even though the viewer is not my focus, I am theirs.  What an experience!  The resulting photo is one of my proudest achievements.  It was definitely closer to acting than any project I’ve ever undertaken, but under the guidance of an incredible director, I felt completely comfortable and confident.  The act of showing a private side of yourself to a public audience, takes incredible confidence.  Perhaps more than I realized I had.  Then again, with a director as strong as Gracie, it’s easy to feel confident.  

Clara Rae in “Dismorphic Behaviour” 
“The Cleansing”
“Enhancing Oneself”

“Appreciative Qualities”

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