I got a goat!


(Technically, I got married, partied in Chicago, then came home to host a reception, where a goat was gifted to me…)

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Turns out it was the most wonderful, lovely, snuggly gift of all time.





  • Giving pets (or babies) as unexpected gifts is rarely a good idea.  Most farmers/breeders are well educated, and will make sure you have the correct information, and housing for farm animals before parting with them, but do your research just in case
  • Goats are herd animals and should never live with less than one more of their kind
  • Goats require the specific hay and feed they are familiar with, and any changes to their diet must be accomplished over time (Just like dogs!)
  • Male goats should be fixed as early as possible. It is the most humane way to remove them, as well as the quickest, easiest and cheapest!
  • Goats can live as long as 20 years
  • Pigmy goats grow to the size of a medium sized dog
  • Goats require LOTS of love, and attention

They are cute. They are funny. They are terrific for lawn maintenance.

However, if you do not do your research, and buy a pet like this for sheer novelty, I have a friend who will come to your house and beat with you a bag of goats.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Do you love it?!?




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