Fans Flood Toronto For Fan Expo

<b>Fans Flood Toronto For Fan Expo</b>

by Tita
The Metro Toronto Convention Centre welcomed thousands of comic devotees, anime enthusiasts, gamers, and SuicideGirls fans for the 18th annual Fan Expo Comic-con last weekend.
The largest of it’s kind in Canada, and third largest convention in North America, fans swarmed downtown Toronto, and queued for hours in the shadow of the CN tower to attend the event.
A selection of Canada’s finest SuicideGirls including Vesta, Vana, Renna, and Vellin were on hand to meet them, and sign shop items, including our sexy SuicideGirls Comic series.
“I was at the SuicideGirls booth on Friday. The comic is awesome! Thanks again. SuicideGirls RULE!” – @LemmonJig
Self proclaimed geek Vana Suicide was the resident cosplay expert, picking out her faves each day, and chasing them down for pictures. “There are so many awesome costumes! I love it!”
Vellin Suicide got in on the dress up action, making her own Power Girl costume and wearing it on Saturday. Sunday she came dressed as BabyDoll from Sucker Punch and literally stopped traffic on our way to the event.
“Amazing meeting the SuicideGirls! Very cool, smart, beautiful girls who can probably kick my ass” – @coryhotline
The event’s energy reached a fevered pitch when comic legend Stan Lee blew out the candles on a huge Spider-Man cake to celebrate Spidey’s 50th anniversary. You could actually hear a pin drop as he bent over the cake. This was followed by a cacophony of voices and cheers when the sugary confection started to be handed out. It was just one of many exciting scenes that took place, over the course of the 4 day event.
Bob & Doug Mackenzie would be proud. After all “He saw Jedi 17 times, eh”

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