My 6th time at the Rosemont Convention Centre surpassed my previous experiences, while my return added an extra level of love, happiness, and sure-footedness that I will never forget.


Day 1:


chixxx16-friday-0364-web chixxx16-friday-0380-web chixxx16-friday-3173-web


Day 2: chixxx16-saturday-0091-web chixxx16-saturday-0094-web chixxx16-saturday-0098-web chixxx16-saturday-0200-web chixxx16-saturday-0211-web chixxx16-saturday-0504-web chixxx16-saturday-0597-web chixxx16-saturday-0634-web chixxx16-saturday-1251-web chixxx16-saturday-1314-web chixxx16-saturday-1317-web chixxx16-saturday-3194-web


Day 3:

chixxx16-sunday-0007-web chixxx16-sunday-0029-webchixxx16-sunday-0013-web chixxx16-sunday-0027-web chixxx16-sunday-0779-web


To look back after 6 years and think “This is the life I have chosen!” is an incredible feeling.  Thank you to everyone I’ve met at shows in Chicago, and to those who have come out each year – Look what we did!


Do you love it?!?

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