Ellismania 14

What better than now?

When opportunity knocks, you’re supposed to say yes.


With three weeks left till #Ellismania14, my co-host pulled out of his fight. Without considering the possible ways it could go sideways (whatevs. It was too many to count anyhow.) I put myself in the ring to fight in what can only be filed under “What happens in Vegas”…


Photos by my talented friend Graeme of skinandbones.ca


Biggest of big thank you to my coach from Canadaland Jessika!


And if you maybe want to see some really “Stupid Shit” check out this link to the fight, in all it’s “howisthisreallife” glory.

Do you love it?!?


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  1. Finally! I wanted to know what happened with that! Wow, just wow! 😀 As an aside, did the knots get finished? 😛 (Suspension?)

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