Cupcake Street Fight

As some of you know, I use Facebook a lot.
One of my favourite things about Facebook is how easy it is to connect with friends and fans.

In late 2012, permission was granted for the use of the surname “Suicide”.  Prior to this, the word Suicide was often “flagged” for being a fake name (in the case of personal profile pages), and not appropriate for use on Pages, due to it’s connotation as an offensive, abusive or suggestive term.  

The SuicideGirls Facebook Page currently has over 3 million followers!

“Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people.” 

I have been posting content to my pages (Tita SuicideCupcakeDuJour) for over a year now, and in that short time, over 5000 like-minded people have begun to interact with each other, and me, on a daily basis.   It’s wonderful to see which projects they are excited about,  what they’re into, and to see first hand how the content I share is received.  

Over the past few years, Facebook have really improved the ways Page admins can interact with their followers.  One of the most recent developments is the addition of Private Messaging, in December 2011.

If you send a private message to a Page, you may receive a private message in response.  While private messaging has existed on personal profiles for sometime, and is a staple of the SuicideGirls Community, it is a new, and welcome addition to the fraternity of Facebook.

One of the best examples I can think of, is the following private message, sent to me by my new friend Joe.  

“Smashed cupcakes on an empty street late at night raise so many questions as to what went wrong??? How could such a travesty occur? Was it accidental or intentional? Is there some kind of extended 5 second rule for street cupcakes?”  

Cupcake Street Fight
If you’ve ever met me, or followed my adventures online, you’ll know that this is not only the epitome of baked good bad assery.  It is also the “most amazing”, “positively inspired”, “words cannot describe
how perfect this is”, inanimate representation of my personality, ever captured in a still image.  Ever.

Thank you Facebook for giving us the opportunity to connect in even more ways than before.  While I hope no further baked goods are harmed, I’ll happily accept the cupcake carnage, in exchange for the ability to speak freely with members of our global community.  Together we will bear their sacrifice and mourn the loss via our well loved social media platforms.    

Do you love it?!?

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