Cupcake Galavanting

No trip is complete without a cupcake…
I’m in Vegas for a Jagermeister event, and one of my besties Tanya of Le Gateau Bakeshop is here too!! Of course we had to hunt for the best cupcake the strip has to offer.
“Sugar Factory isn’t your average sweet shop”
It also features delicious, seasonal, baked goods, including (you guessed it) CUPCAKES!

There were loads of flavours to choose from, and two different sizes to consider, but we settled on Red Velvet and Chocolate. With cupcakes, it’s never an easy decision, but when Red Velvet is on the menu, it’s always a good starting place 😉
Sugar Factory’s Miracle Mile location boasts signature sundaes, milkshakes, cupcakes, gelatos, ice creams, cafe treats, and their signature couture pops. “The Sugar Factory is an ever expanding sweet spot!” Find out about their latest flavours, sweetest treats and celebrity features at:
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