Cupcake Du Jour

Cupcake Du Jour

Professional Traveler, Cupcake Galavanter, Fitness Fan & Pantless Wonder

When I arrived in Chicago last August, I was met by two things: 1) an awesome hotel room 2) an unshakable urge to get naked.  

At times like that I tend to ask just one question “What would Steve Prue do?”  
Answer?  Call Gracie Hagen
If you keep up with my Tita Tuesday posts, then you’ve already seen our rad art nudes.  
“Cracks Begin to Show”

What I didn’t show you was what we shot for Zivity!   


 “Cupcake Du Jour” is now live!  See the entire NSFW set, and vote to unlock extra Too Sweet For Zivity images, only at  

Do you love it?!?

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