Chatting with a Vancouver SuicideGirl

If you are unfamiliar with The Suicide Girls, they are a group of soft-core porn models of the goth, punk, metal, indie, and retro pinup style. They are featured on the website which functions as an online community with member profiles, member blogs,message boards, chatrooms and the option to join networking groups based upon interests. Suicidegirls also features interviews with people from popular and alternative culture, user-submitted news articles, and an online merchandise store. Earlier this week, Meredith was able to sit down and talk with one of Vancouver’s own suicide girls, Tita Suicide, about her work with SG and an upcoming event they are hosting.

Meredith: How long have you been with Suicide Girls?

Tita: I joined in 2006.

Meredith: What made you want to join the SG community?

Tita: I read an article in Q magazine back in 2003 where Dave Grohl mentioned the site. I was on tour in Paris at the time skating, so I literally had to get up and walk across to an Internet cafe in Monmatre to look it up. I immediately fell in love with the look, and feel of the girls on the site, and inspired by the idea of “Beauty Redefined”.  At that time, the type of girls featured in the media as “sexy” or “nude” were very much the “Playboy” or “Maxim” ideal. It was refreshing to see girls that looked just like my friends and I, featured and highlighted for being different.

Meredith: It is weird knowing that you are essentially naked on the internet? How do your friends and family feel about it? Does it affect your dating life?

Tita: I have zero problem with the content I create, and where it lives. From the beginning, I knew that this decision had a certain level of finality to it. Even if I stopped shooting nudes tomorrow, the images I’ve supplied to the Internet at large will go on. I definitely didn’t take the decision lightly, but it wasn’t a difficult choice to make. My Mum & I are really close, so I talked to her about my interest in nude modeling even before SuicideGirls. Like me, she saw it as a really positive way to celebrate my particular brand of beauty. Since then, she and my sisters have helped me select images, and style my shoots. The men in my family are less involved for obvious reasons, but they’ve always been aware of what I do. In the beginning I was concerned about someone stumbling across the images and taunting my brothers with “Hey, I saw your sister naked on the Internet”. So by talking to them about it, they were prepared to deal with any fallout my decision may have had for them. Lucky for me, they are so supportive, anyone dumb enough to bother them about it would have probably been met with a menacing look, and the query “What’s it to you?”. Nowadays, my siblings are all adults, doing as they please, and as they wish. I like to think my decision to do something so outside the box, with full understanding of the repercussions, was a positive influence in their lives. Dating is awkward, whether you’re naked on the Internet or not. I disclose details about myself to people that are worth sharing them with. That timeline is maybe a little longer because of my work as a nude model, but it certainly isn’t any less authentic, or important. If I date someone, they still have to pass the same board pieces to pass go, as anyone else I choose to let into my life.

Meredith: So what exactly do you have to do as an SG?

Tita: SuicideGirls is an online community that celebrates alternative lifestyle and redefines beauty by posting a new, nude, Pin Up style photo set each day. The members and models that have found their way there share a love of alternative life, culture, – and yes, tattooed women, but mostly, they have a like mindedness that means regardless of their specific interests, they will find someone they can relate to, be friends with, create strong online relationships with.

Meredith: How do you become a Suicide Girl? Can anyone become one?

Tita: The entire application process is available online at There is a FAQ available there, and if you like what you read, you answer some simple questions, upload a few photos of yourself, along with ID and voila- the first part of the process is done. From there, the model co-ordinator guides you through the next steps, including how to shoot your first nude set for the site, and how to navigate the community.

Meredith: What’s the best part of being part of the SG family?

Tita: The people!  I’ve met friends and fans from all over the world, and we immediately have a commonality that makes getting along a breeze. At this point, no word of a lie, all of my friends are SuicideGirls, or have come into my life via that website.

Meredith: So how many of you are there in Vancouver?

Tita: Too many to count! There has always been a strong Canadian contingent of SG’s especially in the Pacific Northwest.  The site began in Portland, but the look and feel of the girls in OR in 2001 was very similar to those in Vancouver, so it makes sense that the concept appealed to ladies here as well. In the past ten years, the site has grown to feature over 2500 nude, alternative models, so the numbers in Vancouver have grown exponentially as well.

Meredith: You, Tita, have branched off on the side and started your own brand, Cupcake Du Jour. Tell me about that.

Tita: I love my life so much! Who wouldn’t?!?  I travel, work with multi-media, meet interesting people on a daily basis, and get to look at hot girls. I seriously have nothing to complain about. At some point it occurred to me that I want to continue this lifestyle beyond my own nude content, so I started looking into ways to make that a reality. There are things about me, my look, and my interests that are very unique, and people respond to- so I worked on finding ways to bring those things to them, outside of

Basically, I asked myself-  If people could find me without a membership to the site, what would they want to see?”. From there all I had to do was listen to the answers my fans gave me, and create the content they asked for. It’s been fun to explore the different sides of my lifestyle, and feature each of them in a different way. From travel tips, to hotel reviews, work out routines to Cupcake galavanting, SFW and oh so very NSFW, I’ve built a following based on what I like to do, and now point people in the direction of where they might find them for themselves. The response has been so great! It’s lead me to challenge myself in new ways, expand what I offer, and has reached an entirely new group of like minded people.

Meredith: Tell me about the event you and a couple SG girls are hosting this Friday, November 16th.

Tita: SuicideGirls Take VanCity (Again!) is a follow up to a series of similar events I hosted in Vancouver & Seattle, last Spring. It’s designed to bring our community of kick ass friends and fans together in “real life” for a night of fun, and to check out the newest SuicideGirls video – “SuicideGirls UK Holiday”.

Meredith: Sounds fun! So what can we expect on Friday night?

Tita: Swag, prizes, and samples of Jägermeister from The Jägerettes, live music courtesy of our DJs, rad clothing and product from our sponsors Dead Reckoning Military Surplus & Face Atelier. And last but not least, the full, un-edited SG movie, presented larger that life, on a huge projection screen.

Meredith: Where can people find more about you?

Tita: I post new photos, articles, my travel itinerary “Tita On Tour”, work out tips, and blog articles on my website  I’m also very active on social media, and keep in touch with most of my friends, fans, and followers on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & Facebook. Type in Tita and/or CupcakeDuJour on any of those sites, and you’ll find me. Haha Depending where you look, you’ll find A LOT of me.

SuicideGirls Take VanCity (Again!) is happening this Friday, November 16th at The Astoria Pub from 7-10pm. Entry is absolutely free, and everyone is invited to attend.

– Meredith Geddes

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