Cake Date

We all have a place we wish to visit, a location we must see, a spot we hold above all others.

My mecca is the Madonna Inn, in San Luis Obispo.

Welcome to the Madonna Inn

My list of to dos was pretty straight forward:

  1. Stay in one of their girliest rooms
  2. Eat bacon in the Copper Cafe
  3. Host a slumber party with my NorCal babes
  4. Eat the Madonna Inn’s signature Pink Champagne Cake
  5. Buy a Madonna Inn Goblet

Each morning was spent in the company of my favourite people, eating some of the most perfect bacon I’ve ever experienced


We lounged in my adorable pink and blue room, catching up, being silly and taking selfies


I was greeted with an entire Pink Champagne cake that we started in on immediately!


Under the expert tutelage of my local ladies I left with a suitcase stuffed with 4 Madonna Inn Goblets!


When you have friends like mine, things often exceed your expectations…

Pity I can’t wear the pink onesie everyday 😉

Get yours at

Do you love it?!?

Cake date

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