Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Self effacing, resourceful & determined

Did anyone see the article “How Holly Golightly Changed the World” in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar?

It was an interesting and clever piece that questions whether the tres chic heroine of Breakfast at Tiffany’s could exist today.

“These days it’s not a big deal for a single girl to come home at sunrise; most of the good ones do.”

I sometimes find myself questioning my place in the world, and wondering what things would be like on the other side of the (white picket) fence. At what stage will I abandon single life? Will I have to completely leave behind the late nights, airline tickets, caffeine, fun, friends, and freedom? Should I have done so already? Would people like me more if I fit more easily into one of their neat & tidy, categorized columns?

I have finally found a place where I belong. I feel comfortable in my version of the world. I say what I feel, and think what I want. I apologize when necessary, and do better when I can.

In 1961, Truman Capote’s call-girl cum gamine was considered risque and even contemptuous! Today, she is nothing more than your typical modern woman~ Self effacing, resourceful, and determined.
“Inside, she’s like every girl in America, just trying to figure her way out of her cage.”
50 years later, many can identify with her, but few have the courage to be as outrageous in their own time.

I wonder sometimes if my life, 50 years from now, will seem as fantastic, as Holly’s?? And then I think“F*ck it! I will make sure it is!!”

If you haven’t grabbed your copy of the mag, I suggest you do. The Vancouver Sun also celebrated the quintessential girl about town just days ago. You can read that article here.

In any case, as I channel Miss Golightly, I thought I would also announce my current travel plans!

*Drumroll please*

I’ll live the life of “wide-eyed coquette” Audrey Hepburn while in NYC November 2nd-7th.
(Another film I watched this week, Funny Girl may also inspire my time there… )

But first I will do my very best Anne Margaret impression while visiting Las Vegas October 14-16th.

POW! I’ll be in town for the Jager All Access Contest.
I might just debut a new hair colour there too!

More on that later 😉

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