Anything But Square

“Sometimes I think I do my best work in the shower”

“Anything But Square” by Krysta Kaos aka ExOhAnalog is now live on Zivity.

Last month I was super lucky to meet up with Krysta Kaos while on the Rockstar Roadtrip with Steve Prue.  (More on that tomorrow…)

We stole a few minutes from her shoot with Steve to shoot our own set of “super steamy shower smut” for Zivity.  After all, when a babe like that asks to take your picture, you don’t ask questions, you just jump in.

Vote now to unlock 8 NSFW Polaroids shot on Krysta’s prized Impossible Project film, AND between now and March 1st, combine your votes on Anything But Square with Wet Hot American Summer to receive an extra special Team Rockstar Incentive!

Do you love it?!?

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