Ain’t no party like an EXXXOTICA party

I don’t drink very often, but when I do, there are a handful of positively, wonderfully, terrible friends I tend to be with…

Tita X Lexi 2

This weekend at EXXXOTICA Chicago I will reunite with the cutest of them all, the one and only Lexi Belle.

Tita X Lexi

I have a feeling that my check liver light may come on this weekend…

NJXXX15-SatParty-0699-web NJXXX15-SatParty-0702-web NJXXX15-SatParty-0706-web NJXXX15-SatParty-0707-web


Stay tuned…

The whole thing will go down on the Internet.

Press Release

Tita’s Snapchat

Lexi’s Snapchat

EXXXOTICA’s Facebook


Tita X Lexi 3

Do you love it?!?

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