“Adventures. We has em”

LA Baby!

I modified week 4 of P90X since I didn’t have access to my usual equipment

I also spent time with friends who I don’t get to see often enough:

A cute boy

A shopoholic

An adorable girl

And a trio of fabulous ladies

I shot with Steve Prue:

“Mustache Ride” is now available on Zivity

I def love my SG community and could never replace it, but it’s been fun trying new things and experiencing a different site.

Meshell went to Germany for 2 weeks:

So…Rydell & I filled our time with baking, hooping, chatting, movies & Burlesque:

And last but not least, Vancouver finally got sunny:

I burnt my bum:
Luckily it’s turning into a tan

There you have it! Another fun filled month in the land of Tita.
What have you been up to? Is your summer all you hoped it would be?

Next up I am heading back to CA to attend Comic-con in San Diego with the SuicideGirls!!
I’m super duper excited!

I’ll leave you with my mantra of late, or as I like to call it:
How to be skinny & famous
“Eat lots, drink some, party hard, play harder, work out, travel, and be VIP everywhere you go”

Do you love it?!?


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