Tita does a lot of things…


The professional traveler, self described “cupcake galavanter”, certified trainer, high performance athlete and “pantless wonder” clearly has varied interests, which far from being at odds, are in fact the very glue that holds her together.

Ben Cambero

A long time professional athlete, Tita’s lifestyle is a balance of discipline, and complete madness. From photo shoots, to producing video and viral content, Tita works in front of, and behind the cameras and computers, as a member of Team Rockstar with Steve Prue, as boss lady at Du Jour Marketing, and client communications at Darwin Collective. She also helps to run events for alternative brands, mentors models and athletes, and runs a successful blog over at dujourmarketing.com

Tita currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, but this pint sized ball of fury can often be found at conventions throughout the United States, and Canada. You can follow along with her adventures via social media, where she goes by “Cupcakedujour” for obvious reasons.

Tita’s plans for the future include continuing to inspire, direct, and broaden brands, and individuals via the services provided by her company Du Jour Marketing, and to motivate, and train friends and fans via her up and coming fitness brand Du Jour Fitness.

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