3 of Cups

I was absolutely thrilled to be included in one of my favourite cards alongside Ms. Briqhouse and Jettila Lewis.

When the 3 of Cups appears in a reading, I use it as a reminder to draw your female friends around you. In light of the loss I experienced earlier this year, I have leaned in to this card each time I arrive on the doorstep of my best friends. To me it means “Celebrate with your Sisters”. The key is to remember to do this, even as you share grief, or nurse a broken heart. Because, if nothing else, you have one another, and there is great beauty, and hope in that.

Our inspiration, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, was laid out on a nearby table. They were incredibly helpful as I tried to find my place in the scenes that Tarot lovers have scanned since 1910.

These behind the scenes from the Heretical Fates Tarot Deck, were captured by the lovely Sash.

   BTS Tita X Allan Amato








I captured of Sash for good measure 😉


Do you love it?!?


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