10 Year Old Boy with Dirty Feet

Love me or hate me that is the question.  Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession.  And if you love me then, Thank you!  And if you hate me then, **** you.


Last week, the SuicideGirls Instagram posted me in their feed, with amusing results…

me and my “putridly disgusting feet” during the Super Bowl black out
Brewin Suicide & I have “bodies like boys aged 10 or 11”
Being a user of social media comes with benefits and drawbacks.  Last week on SuicideGirls Radio, co-hosts Moxi Suicide, Nicole Powers & I discussed the benefits and drawbacks of social media, and online interaction.  

For my part, I accept people’s right to write whatever they please, and take none of the negative feedback to heart.  One way or another, the internet always rights itself.  As such, I do not delete messages, or block users based on negative feedback.  Quite the contrary!  I enjoy seeing what gets online communities to interact, and relish reading the comments – even the bad ones.

And so… In honour of the amazing and hilarious comments left on Instagram last week, I offer the following photo set, which was inspired by my many fans, friends, and detractors.   

10 Year Old Boy with Dirty Feet

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    To be truthful: I absolutely love this haha. To be fueled by negative comments and use them to post such an entertaining blog = a big thumbs up. The sad thing is the person who said you have the body of a 12 year old boy is probably 400lbs and has never watched or tried one of your workout Wednesdays. The person who said you're not cute at all has probably never read any of your twitter posts

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      Tita Cupcakedujour

      Wow! Thanks for your thoughtful response Scotty! I really appreciate your feedback, and am happy to hear you enjoy my content as much as you do. Keep tuning in, cause I&#39;m going to keep doing what I&#39;m doing- no matter what they say ;)<br />Besos*<br />Tita

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    Nathan Musgrove

    I would rather look at a female with your body then any others, keep up the hard work, it definitely pays off. I think not only is it pleasing to look at but says much about you are, such as a hard worker, dedicated, and confident! And really who doesn&#39;t love those qualities!

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